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Les Paroles Cachées - The Hidden Words

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RELEASED: October 20th 2017
TOTAL LENGTH: 01:18:00
FORMAT: 320 kbps MP3
CATEGORIES: Devotional Music
GENRE: Devotional, Singer / Songwriter, Spiritual

These sacred writings are for me a shoreless ocean. Each time I contemplate them in silence, they help me to widen the boundaries of awareness and love, and understand them more deeply. Then the music emerges on its own and fuses with these words of light. My soul is suffused with pure joy when I discover the melodies that rise to my ears and fill my heart. I receive them reverently and humbly, like a priceless gift which is measured only by the heart. There is always a moment when inspiration becomes detached from ego, an instant when a clear voice impels me towards what is essential, revealing the path to the next step.The music then becomes a beautiful instrument that uplifts, an endless ladder, a more powerful magnet, a more vibrant call. This is the experience I wish for you as you listen to these Hidden Words.

Texts: Sacred Verses of Bahá'u'lláh and the Báb
Performances: Music, Vocals, Piano and Arrangements : Lucie Dubé & Violin : Christian Prévost
Production: Lucie Dubé & Gautier Marinof
Sound Mixing: Gautier Marinof
Illustrations: Natasha Prévost
Creative consultant: Clara Prévost
Editor: Monique Fortin
English Translation: Nancy Ackerman
Executive Editors: Nancy Ackerman, Monique Fortin & Nicole Malenfant
Graphic Design: Laurence Fontaine

Lucie Dubé - Les Paroles Cachées - The Hidden Words

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