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9 Star is changing the face of Bahá'í inspired media distribution. Never before has the best the Bahá'í community has to offer been assembled in one place and been made so easily accessible to the world.

Finding Bahá'í inspired media has always been a challenge. Those interested in Bahá'í inspired media required exceptional patience and a high degree of web searching skills... In fact most of the time those who found exceptional media did so as a result of dumb luck. The frustration with having to stumble upon greatness led us to believe there had to be a better way... and now there is.

9 Star Media scours the world for you, gathering the most influential and exceptional media creators content all into one easy to find place. We've made it easier than ever to hear and see the latest creations of these talented artists as well as purchase and download or stream them instantly.

For content creators we have created a platform which enables them to have the power of a distribution company working to promote their material to Bahá'í communities, schools, bookstores and centers... Enabling them to have more time to focus on creating rather than administrating.

Our monthly newsletter showcases the latest arrivals to 9 star as well as powerful interviews and compelling posts we post to our blog with a focus on helping elevate Bahá'í inspired media.

We have baked social media into the core of our platform. Find a musician you love? You can 'Like' or 'Follow' their artist profiles on Facebook and twitter without ever leaving their product page. Want to share your finding with all your friends? 9 star has integrated the top social sites into each page.. So share away! (Your friends and family will thank you... seriously)

Quite simply, 9 Star media is focused on finding the best the Bahá'í community has to offer and showcasing it in one easy to use platform.

Your search is over. Welcome to 9 Star Media.

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