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We are so excited to share an incredible new Baha’i Inspired album with you… so excited that we are giving it away! Click here to read more….

Tom Francis is a remarkable new artist from Australia. His album, which was featured on Kickstarter, is unabashedly promoted as a Baha’i Inspired Album. We were impressed before he began recording and followed closely.. but when he sent us the finished album, we were floored! This music, inspired by the Faith,  includes the writings as well as original songs about the Faith. It is inspiring, powerful and accessible to secular audiences.. yes, it is THAT GOOD.  In fact it is so good that it is being profiled on secular blogs and the mainstream music scene is taking notice.


It should be clear by now that we believe everyone should support great music like this.. and to help that process along WE ARE GIVING AWAY 5 COPIES OF HIS ALBUM to our community!

Follow the link below to help spread the word and enter for a chance to win 1 of 5 copies of his album for FREE… yep, our favorite price too! (no purchase necessary)

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