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Talisman by Leonor Dely & Millero Congo

A Devotional Album Unlike Any Other – “Talisman” by Leonor Dely & Millero Congo

There are few albums that we can listen to over and over and never get tired of… today, we want to share one of those rare gems with you.

‘Talisman’ is a devotional album unlike any other. The words, taken directly from the writings of the Faith combine with Leonor’s rich voice and folkloric music to create a devotional experience that is both soul stirring while simultaneously making us need to move our feet!

For those who aren’t familiar with Leonor Dely, she is a jewel in the Columbian music community. Her incredible voice and passion for traditional columbian rhythms has won her high praise. She was invited to perform for the dedication of the Chilean Temple and shared her music with the masses. Her family, who are all successful musicians in their own right, accompany her in all her musical endeavors…

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Jamey Heath - I Have Returned To Thee

Jamey Heath’s Remarkable New Devotional Album


We are so thrilled to be able to showcase this debut devotional album from the exceptionally talented Jamey Heath. His soulful melodies and exquisite production have graced numerous albums on the radio charts, but to hear him bring the sacred word to life is to be transported. The spirit flows through him and into his music creating something so powerful, so inspiring, you can’t help but be touched.
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