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Beyond the Moment

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RELEASED: July 1st 2016
TOTAL LENGTH: 00:50:27
FORMAT: 320 kbps MP3
CATEGORIES: Inspired Music
GENRE: Instrumental, Spiritual, Devotional

Musical Expression Through Unique Improvisational imagery

John’s piano instrumental music is created primarily through improvisation. These nearly complete original songs are then provided additional layers of instruments to help enhance the feeling inherent within them. From this process came the name of the album, Beyond the Moment.

Each of these songs has a unique title that has some connection to qualities or ideas embedded in Baha’i principals. The Seven Valley’s from the writings Bahá'u'lláh inspired the song Far Journey. It relates to a path of the soul on a spiritual journey passing through different stages.

The song Loftiness was created based on a concept of the ultimate power and majesty of our creation. Each of the others pieces have similar aspects suggested in the tiles that can be explored by the listener.

John’s music has not been created through traditional means. John does not have formal training in music and is largely self-taught. The music seems to come from a deeper place and does not seem to fit a particular style of music. Many of these pieces have subtle elements of jazz as well as some qualities heard in classical/impressionistic music. There are clear moods created in the pieces to which the listeners can lose or elevate themselves. John also plays the guitar and has created a number of vocal compositions that are being worked on presently, for a future album. John is currently living in Macau, China and has lived in Nanjing, Beijing and Guangzhou over the past several years. He is originally from Oregon in the USA and characterises himself as a world citizen.

Mixing and Mastering Jarome Matthew (Prosouls)
CD cover photography Duncan Fitzgerald
Additional photograph support; Corbin Doak and Kathryn Luckey

John Luckey - Beyond the Moment

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