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Liao Chongzhen: A Bright Candle of the World of Humanity

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RELEASED: May 1st 2015
TOTAL LENGTH: 00:56:00
GENRE: Documentary, History, Chinese

NOTE: This DVD is formatted NTSC and is authored "Region Free" and will play anywhere in the world.

The Baha'i Faith was first introduced in China during the lifetime of Baha'u'llah and China has long been considered by the Baha'i Faith as a country with great future, spiritually.

Some outstanding Chinese joined the Faith in those early days, Cao Yunxiang, the president of the most prestigious Chinese university, Hilda Yen who helped establishing the Baha'i Office at the United Nations and Liao Chongzhen. Books have been written about the first two, but of Liao Chongzhen, not much is known.

Liao Chongzhen dedicated his life to the service of the Faith and humanity. Thank to his translation he made available to the Chinese books like 'The Hidden Words' of Baha'u'llah etc. He had a correspondence with the Guardian, he introduced the Faith to Sun Yat-Sen and his home was blessed by the visit of two Hands of the Cause. But all traces of him were lost after 1940.

This Video presents the astounding recent findings that shed light on the fate of Mr. Liao and we are sure that his remarkable life will be a source of inspiration for everyone.

Directed by: Vargha Mazlum
Music by: Navid Hejazi
Edited by: Ildiko & Vargha Mazlum
Narrated by: Eva LaRue

Vargha Mazlum - Liao Chongzhen: A Bright Candle of the World of Humanity

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