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RELEASED: Jan 1st 2011
LABEL: Pro Soul Alliance
TOTAL LENGTH: 00:39:51
FORMAT: 320 kbps MP3
CATEGORIES: Social & Devotional Music
GENRE: Spiritual, World / International, New Age

Composed and often spontaneously improvised over a ten year period, these instrumental piano pieces create a reflective and meditative atmosphere that touch the soul and awaken the spirit.

The music on this CD tells the story of a soul's spiritual journey, of glimmerings and confirmations along the path of search. It picks up the trail at Commencement, which is both a beginning and an end: a conclusion to all that went before and the start of a new life. It represents the end of night and the early break of day. It is followed by Awakening, as the soul - perhaps slowly, perhaps suddenly - becomes aware of the possibility of hidden dimensions and doors unopened, of treasures unlocked and secrets untold. From beyond the far horizon come Glimmerings, faintly shining, whispering promises of a world unknown, beckoning, urging the soul to strive for the higher realms. And the soul responds, seeking and searching, following the trail of the Traceless Friend. In due course come Dawning and Daybreak, the glorious revelation of the light upon an inner land long lost in darkness, the harbinger of hope and a herald of a new day begun. But the path is not without its twists and turns, and no treasure is revealed except to those who risk all for its sake. Reflection. Where shall the path lead? Does it go in circles, or is it spirals? Then comes a Summer Storm, replete with lightning and thunder, wind and rain. For life will not give up its greatest treasure without a struggle, and no soul can reach the garden of reunion unless and until it scales the high wall of self and disregarding all else reaches to the other side. It is there, in the garden beyond the wall built by ego and self that comes Realization. All the storms and trials were our guides leading to the greatest gift: the recognition of the Beloved. In its delight the soul learns the true meaning of Enchantment and becomes lost in its love for the beauty of the eternal until it becomes the essence of Evanescence, seeing in all things but the revelation of the One. And so the soul journeys ever farther along the paths of holiness, until it wings its flight to the realms of eternity on its Final Journey.

Elika Mahony - Glimmerings

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