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Ann-Sofie Wensbo

Ann-Sofie Wensbo
Ann-Sofie Wensbo is a Swedish singer/songwriter, voice coach and Playback Theatre musician currently based in Stockholm.

She started playing guitar at age 10 and started writing songs at 16. At 17 she found the Faith and soon after started putting the Writings to music. Her compositions have been loved and sung around the world long before their official release.

Ann-Sofie has been trained as a music teacher at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm, and while studying there, she started singing and performing as a singer/songwriter together with her friend Maria Andersson, who later joined her on her first album of Baha'i Writings, "Illumine My Inner Being". After a few years' break with other focuses, Ann-Sofie has recently resumed her singer/songwriter career and is currently working on an album of personal songs.

Since 2006, Ann-Sofie has been a musician in the Swedish world renowned Playback Theatre company "Teater X", enacting real life stories of the audience through improvised theatre and music. Playback Theatre is a powerful tool for facilitating democratic processes and societal change on grassroots level, using artistic cross collaboration as a means for reaching hearts, building communities of understanding, and making real change possible, individually as well as collectively.

As a Playback Theatre musician and soundscaper, Ann-Sofie has a unique set of tools at hand, with her musical skills, her flexibility and playfulness, her intuitive listening, and her own life experience. All this combined with her presence and sense for timing and subtleness, makes her an internationally appreciated and requested Playback musician.

Having a passion for the profound and sense making aspects of music and life, Ann-Sofie has for a long time been working as a singer for weddings and funerals. She also started her own local pop choir, using music and singing as a tool for personal development, socially and individually. Her unique combination of a musical expertise and passion, a touch of Mindfulness and a lot of play and laughter makes Ann-Sofie an appreciated music teacher, voice coach, and choir leader.

Albums by Ann-Sofie Wensbo

Illumine My Inner Being

Illumine My Inner Being

Ann-Sofie Wensbo