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Zannetta hails from an artistic family of artists and writers. She says she never knew what she wanted to be when she grew up and as a consequence she delved into many careers. She has been a teacher, folk singer, and actor. Joining Windflower, a music group from Alaska, Zannetta, as the only Canadian in the group, toured with them in Europe before returning again to Canada. She has worked as an executive secretary, and a steno in an men's medium security prison - the most interesting job she ever had. She worked three years teaching English at the East China Normal University in Shanghai. While in China, she was offered a scholarship to go back to school at a college in upstate New York, where she obtained a Master's degree, specializing in College Student Personnel. Zannetta sang with Voices of Baha at the World Congress in New York and later at Carnegie Hall. Returning to Canada, she again turned to teaching and counselling, while always being involved in music. Zannetta always preferred to sing in a choir or group, so this is the first time venturing into a solo experience. Thanks to the people who needled her over the years to put out an album, and do it on her own. Zannetta lives in the village of Cobble Hill on Vancouver Island, with her husband, Owen and their dog, Mr. Paco Pickles.

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