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Stories from the Dawn-Breakers

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RELEASED: May 23rd 2019
TOTAL LENGTH: 03:43:46
FORMAT: MP3 or Physical CD Set
GENRE: Audio Books - Story Telling

We are pleased to share this Special Bicentennial Edition of the 'Stories of the Dawn-Breakers'. These incredibly touching and powerful stories, taken from Zoe Meyer's book of the same name, have been masterfully narrated by Hand of the Cause of God William Sears. This classic Baha'i recording has been carefully restored and remastered and serves as an incredible resource for delving into the history of our Beloved Faith which will inspire listeners of all ages.

Available as a 4 CD set or as an MP3 download.

Disc 1
Introduction Dr. Banani and Mr. Sears (2:46)
Shaykh Ahmad’s Secret (6:56)
The Young Man in the Green Turban (7:54)
The Shepherd’s Dream (5:01)
Mulla Husayn and the Báb (9:56)
The Letters of the Living (7:05)
The Story of the Báb (7:18)
The Báb’s Messengers (7:55)
The Message to Bahá’ulláh (6:20)

Disc 2
The Dream of Bahá’ulláh’s Father (6:17)
The Storm (5:28)
The Adventure in the Desert (4:22)
The Story of Sadiq (4:58)
The Báb is Taken Prisoner (5:08)
The Snow White Bird (6:44)
On the Road to Tihran (10:33)
The Castle of Mah-Kuh (9:28)
Ali Khan’s Dream (8:37)

Disc 3
Tahirih (10:34)
The New Order (8:25)
Muhammad-‘Ali’s Vision (4:53)
The Trial of the Báb (6:50)
The Defense of Fort Shaykh Tabarsi (7:52)
The Siege (9:11)
The Death of Quddus (6:37)

Disc 4
The Story of Vahid (8:08)
Hujjat (7:43)
The Martyrdom of the Báb (12:41)
God’s Cause Today (8:29)
Bahá’ulláh (9:34)

Cover Art by Ivan Lloyd
Cover Design by Bridgette K
Audio Restoration & Remastering by Jon Rezin

William Sears - Stories from the Dawn-Breakers

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