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Under The Lote Tree

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RELEASED: January 1st 2007
FORMAT: 320 kbps MP3
CATEGORIES: Inspired Music
GENRE: World/International, Singer/Songwriter, Spiritual

Under the Lote-Tree, a follow up to our debut CD Open the Gates, continues the saga of those heroes and heroines who embraced the teachings of the Báb and Bahá'u'lláh in Persia between the years 1852 and 1892.

The title “Under the Lote-Tree” is taken from the writings of Bahá'u'lláh where Lote-Tree generally refers to the Messengers of God. The implication is that the Messengers of God occupy a station to which ordinary human beings can neither attain nor surpass. It is also known that in ancient times the Arabs planted such a tree to mark the end of a road.

While several songs in our music refer to the harm inflicted upon the early followers of the Báb and Bahá'u'lláh, it should be clearly noted that the Bahá'í Faith itself is a life-affirming faith with its aims fixed on the peace and unity of the peoples of the world. Its members are actively concerned with the well-being of the world and are striving to bring about unity at all levels of society.

Under the Lote-Tree is dedicated to the Bahá'ís in Iran who still suffer unspeakable injustice and persecution for their beliefs.

~Smith & Dragoman

"Beautiful arrangements; wonderful blend of many sounds and traditions; stirring lyrics; something for soul, heart and mind. I play it on the way to work to inspire my day; I play it for friends - it's my gift to them. Thank you, once again, all of you who collaborated on this album!"

All music and lyrics by Brett Smith and Michael Dragoman.

Vocals by Brett Smith, Michael Dragoman and Emily Dragoman
Violin on Sojourn, The Austrian, Nabíl and Navváb by Chris Church
Drums/Percussion on Exile, Land of Tá and Navváb by Aaron Fererra
Bass on Exile, Land of Tá and Navváb by Glenn Olive
Guitar on Bahíyyih, Wayfarer and Navváb by Nicolas Hernandez
Guitar on Nabíl, Layla, Badí' and Bahíyyih by Rob Piltch
Additional piano on Kiss the Rope by Jack Lenz
Pennywhistle on Sojourn and Kiss the Rope by James Gordon
Arrangements on Wayfarer, Nabíl, Layla, Bahíyyih, Purest Branch, Exile, Kiss the Rope, and Two Years of Solitude by Asher Lenz, Brett Smith and Michael Dragoman
Arrangements on Badí' by Asher Lenz and Stephen Skratt
Arrangements on Navváb and The Austrian by Stephen Skratt, Brett Smith and Michael Dragoman
Arrangements on Sojourn, Land of Tá and The Darkest Pit by Brett Smith and Michael Dragoman
Assistance with lyrics on Wayfarer and Bahíyyih by Heather Annia Poole

Production Credits
Produced by Asher Lenz, Brett Smith and Michael Dragoman
Executive Producer Jack Lenz
All songs recorded at Smith and Dragoman Studios, Guelph, Ontario.
Additional recordings at Accomplice Studios, Toronto, Ontario.
All songs except Bahíyyih, Layla and Nabíl mixed by Michael Jack and assisted by Jeff Pelletier at Phase One Studios, Scarborough, Ontario
Kiss the Rope mixed by Greg Kolchinsky and Michael Jack and assisted by Jeff Pelletier at Phase One Studios, Scarborough, Ontario
Bahíyyih, Layla, and Nabíl mixed by Kevin Doyle and assisted by Aaron Murray at EMAC Recording Studios, London, Ontario
CD jacket and artwork by LuCa Design,
Band photos by Kourosh Keshiri, Toronto, Ontario.

Smith & Dragoman - Under The Lote Tree

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