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The Unquenchable Flame

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RELEASED: November 14th 2016
TOTAL LENGTH: 01:38:59
FORMAT: 320 kbps MP3
CATEGORIES: Inspired Music
GENRE: Soundtrack, Choral, Classical

"You can kill me as soon as you like, but you cannot stop the emancipation of women," said the beautiful dark-eyed woman as she handed the executioner the silk scarf with which he brutally strangled her.

This Musical Drama is based on the true story of Táhirih, who gave her life so that women might be free from the yoke of oppression.

Táhirih's father recognized her bright and intuitive wisdom, and did the unthinkable, he, himself educated his daughter.

In 19th century Persia, women were regarded as having no souls, were forced to wear the veil, and not allowed to speak in the presence of men. Táhirih, who fearlessly denounced the veil, polygamy, and the evil practices of the clergy, aroused the rage of the fanatic religious leaders, who enflamed the blood-thirsty populace. She was sentenced to death at the age of 35, and brutally strangled, in the dark of night, outside the enamled gates of Tehran.

But, do not think because Táhirih's body is gone, that her flame has been quenched. Her fire continues to blaze and will continue to inspire millions of souls yet unborn.

Tierney Sutton, who sings the soul-stirring dramatic role of Táhirih, is a masterful vocalist. As a graduate of Berklee College of Music, she is equally at home in both the classical and jazz fields. As the great trumpeter, Buddy Childers once said, "Not only is she a terrific singer--but she's a great musician." Tierney Sutton is one of the most highly regarded jazz vocalists around. In one of her many rave reviews, she is called: "A consummate artist, one of the great singers of this generation."

Russell Garcia was one of the busiest and most sought after composer-arranger-conductors for some 50 years. Not just in Hollywood though, where he wrote music for films and TV and recorded with most of the famous singers and musicians in the music business, but also in many countries around the world. He wrote two text books:

"The Professional Arranger-Composer Book I and Book II, which have been published in 7 languages. Shortly before his passing in 2011 at age 95, he wrote his auto- biography: "I Have Hundreds of Stories, Some of Them True"

Gina Mauriello Garcia, an ASCAP lyricist for many years, is also the author of the book "The Adventures of Dawn-Breaker", which chronicles their magical trip from Florida to New Zealand aboard their forty-one foot trimaran. She has written and directed many musical and dramatic productions performed in many nations throughout the world. As members of the Baha'i Faith, Gina and Russell dedicated their lives to building a better world for the people of every race, religion and country.

It is Russ & Gina's hope that this musical will be performed from the stage so that the life of Tahirih can continue to inspire future generations. Please visit to find more information about theatrical performances.

Russell & Gina Garcia - The Unquenchable Flame

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