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Peals of Gladness

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RELEASED: July 1st 1999
TOTAL LENGTH: 00:32:24
FORMAT: 320 kbps MP3
CATEGORIES: Inspired Music
GENRE: Classical, Instrumental, Devotional

Debut CD, 1989. Original piano compositions inspired by Baha'i prayers plus works by Bach, Chopin, and Turina. All performed by Rosamond Brenner in studio at WFMT, Chicago, IL.

All music is by Rosamond Brenner except for:
No 2: Sacro-Monte (Op. 55 No. 5) J. Turina
No 4: Prelude No. 1 in C-major J.S. Bach
No 7: Etude in A-flat-major (Op. 25 No. 1) F. Chopin

Pianist and Producer: Rosamond Brenner
Recorded at WFMT Fine Arts Radio Studio, Chicago, IL
Engineer: Mary Gaffney
Cover Art: Kendra Brenner

Rosamond Brenner - Peals of Gladness

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