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Vol. 1

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RELEASED: April 21st 2013
TOTAL LENGTH: 00:23:06
FORMAT: 320 kbps MP3
CATEGORIES: Devotional Music
GENRE: Children's Music, Devotional, Pop

"Recite the Word, Vol. 1" is a delightful collection of prayers and writings set to music. Created by an exceptional cast of musicians, this album seeks to provide communities with uplifting music for their devotional activities as well as provide parents an excellent resource to aid their children in memorization of the writings.

Guest Musicians:
Eric Harper, guitars (1, 4, 8, 10)
Michael Rachap, piano (3, 9)
Studio Pros in Los Angeles performed trumpet and trombone (7), as well as cello, viola, violin, and string arrangement (9)

Guest Vocalists:
Melody Akhavan (1, 4, 8, 10)
Chris Hampton (6)
Shelly Rann (2)
Tara from Studio Pros, L.A. (7)
Mona (5, 7) and Nura (7)

Composed, arranged, and produced by Recite the Word
Mixing, mastering, and additional instrumentation by Jarome Matthew
Project funded by Guy and Dian Olson
Photography by Sarah Cramer:
Graphic design by Bill Groetzinger
Lyrics and additional information:
Thank you Sarah, for initiating the process

Recite The Word - Vol. 1

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