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Navid Hejazi

Navid Hejazi
Navid Hejazi was born in Madrid, Spain. He was raised in a family with strong artistic traditions. His grandfather was the Persian mystic poet and violinist Manucher Hejazi Tafreshi. On the Spanish side of the family, his grandfather was Juan Martinez Cardillo-Coca, a well-known charcoal and nib painter from Avila, in the Castilla y Leon region. Navid's parents both have music background education and his brother Omid Hejazi is a talented guitar player and songwriter with several released albums and leader of the Spanish band 'Omid He-Jazzy & the Worldquestra'.

At the age of 5, Navid started playing violin and in his early years he fell in love with the music of Tchaikovsky and Beethoven. Later, he started his studies in harmony, counterpoint and composition. After graduating from Madrid Royal Conservatory with a degree in Violin Performance, he moved to the US to complete his studies in film music and contemporary composition at Berklee College of Music. Since childhood, Navid was very attracted to movies and since the age of 15 his focus has been scoring motion pictures.

Nowadays, he is part of Zoo Creatives studio in Los Angeles and has been involved in different productions from the US, Japan, Spain and South America, for studios such as 20th Century Fox, Sony Pictures, Universal Pictures, and Capcom among others. He is also co-founder of Game Music Town, a music production company that specializes in original music for video games and mobile apps.

Navid is a member of Nehal Group. The Nehal Foundation came to life with the idea of creating ties between Eastern and Western cultures. For this reason he has had the chance to write music in collaboration with different artists from diverse cultural backgrounds. In the recent years, he has created music for projects telling the story of historical figures such as Tahiri and Anis Zunuzi and documentaries on Liao Chongzhen and Carole Lombard.

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