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RELEASED: September 10th 2004
LABEL: Insignia Records
TOTAL LENGTH: 00:55:18
FORMAT: 320 kbps MP3
CATEGORIES: Devotional Music
GENRE: Spanish, World/International, Folk

Ancient African sacred drums of the Circumcaribbean with vocals-centered tribalglobal post-urban world-funk fusion.

Amidst the lilting vocals comes the unrelenting rhythm of sacred drumming that puts mere techno sound to shame. This CD entrances as much as it entertains, and gets the heart a well as the solar plexus moving. It's a celebration of life in all its diversity. Not since Bob Marley has music with a transforming rhythm and transcendent message seemed so accessible and insistent on a response. A talisman is something that produces magical or miraculous effect. These 12 uncommon compositions which make up 'Talisman' do that in spades.

Leonor Dely, in her prior release, "Ámame" was the Voice from Colombia. In TALISMAN the circle has widened to include the voice of the entire African Diaspora. Her voice is fuller, more powerful, richer, more urgent, passionate and compassionate than before. Backed by a global village of background vocals, she soars high as one of the two main pillars in this cathedral of sound. The other musical pillar is the drumming of Istvan and Shangó Dely.

Whether they are playing Cuban congas, Colombian tamboras, Haitian petro drums, Brazilian repeniques, Andean bombos, or African djembés, you feel viscerally why drumming has historically been both sacred and sensual at once. JB Eckl, Shango Dely, Pancho Tomaselli, and Jeff "The Pirate" Poe embellish the architecture of this concept album with countless layers, merging seamlessly into something strikingly original yet uncannily familiar. "Man is the supreme talisman," sings Leonor, and the passion and unifying power of this celebration of sound makes any listener intuitively feel the innate nobility of being alive

Leonor Dely and Millero Congo's, TALISMAN, includes the masterful production work of JB Eckl, Shango Dely, Francisco "Pancho" Tomaselli and Grammy winner KC Porter.

Leonor Dely & Millero Congo - Talisman

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