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Fathieh Honari & Vashaan Ensemble

Fathieh Honari & Vashaan Ensemble
Fathieh Honari is one of Canada's premier female Persian vocalists and probably the only North American singer of the extremely rare Balochi folk repertoire. Born in Iran, Fathieh began singing before audiences during her early childhood. After immigrating to Canada, she continued her studies of the Radif (the Persian classical music modal system) and performed with the Vashaan Ensemble and many other musicians. She has a profound understanding of Persian classical poetry, which gives her the ability to express the essence of Persian aesthetics and beauty. Many of her Canadian recordings such as Vasheen and Shadmaneh have been widely celebrated in her Native Baluchistan, despite the government ban on female vocalists and recordings.

Albums by Fathieh Honari & Vashaan Ensemble

Reign Of Love

Reign Of Love

Fathieh Honari & Vashaan...