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World Dance

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RELEASED: June 1st 1987
LABEL: UMP Records - Philo/Rounder Records
TOTAL LENGTH: 00:50:17
FORMAT: 320 kbps MP3
CATEGORIES: Inspired Music
GENRE: World / International, Jazz, New Age

New 24-bit Mastering from the Original Recordings!

World fusion music reflecting jazz, classical, folk and worldwide musical influences performed on instruments from around the globe.

Released in 1988, this album was originally distributed by Global Pacific/CBS and reached the top 10 of several national charts including #7 in Billboard's Adult Contemporary chart. Featuring the composing and arranging of Randy Armstrong and Ken LaRoche this quintet album showcases a suite in three movements by Randy Armstrong composed for the 1986 United Nations International Year of Peace and the song "Wayo" composed by Ken LaRoche which received the most radio airplay of any Do'a World Music Ensemble song and was featured on Entertainment Tonight. This album was the last and 5th album recorded by Do'a World Music Ensemble featuring musicians Marty Quinn, Volker Nahrmann and Charlie Jennision and includes Bonus Tracks of "Wayo" and "World Dance" - the Radio Airplay Singles.


"Before the Talking Heads recorded Remain in Light, before Peter Gabriel programmed his drum machines to play African poly-rhythms, before Paul Simon and Graceland, and before the term "world music" was ever coined, there was Do'a." - Lahri Bonds, Dirty Linen Folk and World Music Review

"#7 Adult Contemporary Chart" - Billboard

"This is music that transcends our time while being rooted in the past, music that soars to the heavens while keeping us in touch with the earth." - EastWest Journal

Do'a is Arabic-Persian world signifying a call to prayer, meditation, chanting and worship.

Song Titles:

Wayo (7:44)
Acoustic Guitar, Acoustic-Synthesizer Guitar, Keyboards, Synthesizers, Drums, Acoustic Bass, Soprano Saxophone, Conga, Percussion, Whistling, Vocals

Night Season (7:19)
Acoustic Guitar, Concert Flute, Adodo Drum (talking drum), Mbira, Ocarina, Drums, Acoustic Bass, Soprano Saxophone, Synthesizers, Percussion, Vocals

Moth-Like Lovers of the Light (6:33)
Keyboards, Synthesizers, Acoustic Guitar, Concert Flute, Sopranino Recorder, Ocarina, Bansri Flute, North Indian Tabla, Drums, Acoustic Bass, West African Balafon, Soprano Saxophone, Percussion, Vocals


The Awakening (7:42)
Acoustic Guitar, Acoustic-Synthesizer Guitar, Mbira, Chinese Yueh-Chin, Concert Flute, North Indian Tabla, Keyboards, Synthesizers, Double-Ocarina, Piccolo, Drums, Acoustic Bass, Soprano Saxophone, Orchestral Bells, Hand-Claps, Percussion, Vocals

19 Letters - 19 Beat Cycle (6:03)
Acoustic-Synthesizer Guitar, Piano, Sitar, Zither, Concert & Alto Flutes, Bansri Flute, Soprano Saxophone, North Indian Tabla, Drums, Percussion, Synthesizers, Vocals

World Dance (6:18)
Acoustic Guitar, Acoustic-Synthesizer Guitar, West Africa Balafon, Adodo Drum (talking drum), Concert Flute, Piccolo, Keyboards, Synthesizers, Soprano Saxophone, Electric Bass, Drums, Percussion, Vocals

Bonus Tracks:
Wayo - The Single (4:00)
World Dance - The Single (4:20)

*Composed for the United Nations International Year of Peace and inspired by THE PROMISE OF WORLD PEACE, written by the Universal House of Justice, Haifa, Israel, 1985

Randy Armstrong - Acoustic Guitar, Vocals, Mbira, Acoustic-Synthesizer Guitar, Sitar, Zither, Adodo Drum (talking drum), Percussion, West African Balafon, Chinese Yueh-Chin, Hand-Claps, Piano

Ken LaRoche - Concert & Alto Flutes, Keyboards, Synthesizers, Vocals, Ocarina, Mbira, Percussion, Piccolo, Double-Ocarina, Sopranino Recorder, Bansri Flute

Marty Quinn - North Indian Tabla, Drums, Vocals, Percussion, Orchestral Bells, Hand-Claps, West African Balafon

Volker Nahrmann - Acoustic & Electric Bass

Charlie Jennison - Soprano Saxophone, Synthesizers

Elmer Louis - Conga, Percussion
Suzanne Swan - Vocals
Kingsley Swan - Vocals, Whistling
Christine Stabile - Vocals

Recorded and Mixed at Blue Jay Recording Studio, Carlisle, Massachusetts
during the Months of February - May, 1987
Engineered by Ed Goodreau / Assistant Engineers Mark Wessel & Mark Tanzer
Digital Transfer by Mark Tanzer at Northeastern Digital Recorders
Original Graphic Design by Cathe Barnett
Collage by Robin Chandler,
Photography by Dorothy Imagire, & Drew Sanborn
Graphic Design for the Remastered Album by Jan Marvel & Michelle Vaughn
24-bit Mastering from the Original Recordings at: M-WORKS, Cambridge, Massachusetts
Mastering Engineer: Matthew Azevedo, October, 2007

Acoustic Guitar by Michael Jacobson-Hardy, Northampton, Massachusetts
Mbira by Dennis Capodestria, Ashland, New Hampshire

All compositions by Randy Armstrong / Ken LaRoche
©1986 Crimson Ark Music, BMI

Our deep appreciation to Marty, Volker and Charlie for their artistic and creative contributions to this album and the entire Blue Jay staff for their support and belief in this music.

Do'a - Randy Armstrong and Ken LaRoche - World Dance

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