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Companions of the Crimson Coloured Ark

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RELEASED: January 1st 1984
LABEL: UMP Records - Philo/Rounder Records
TOTAL LENGTH: 00:43:56
FORMAT: 320 kbps MP3
CATEGORIES: Inspired Music
GENRE: World / International, Jazz, New Age

World fusion music reflecting jazz, classical, folk and worldwide musical influences performed on instruments from around the globe.

It is our hope that the music produced on this album will contribute in some small way to the cessation of human suffering, and to the realization of the unity of the human race and the need for the elimination of all forms of prejudice.

"A marvelous kaleidoscope of shifting melodies, rhythms and instrumental colors." - Downbeat

"The musicians of Do'a don't just double on instruments, they multiply them into a veritable symphony." - Washington Post

"A shimmering kaleidoscope of sound, taking from jazz, middle eastern and African musics. The music is introspective without being heavy, lighting the way into new areas with grace and cheer." - The Victory Music Folk and Jazz Review

Song Titles:

Companions of the Crimson Coloured Ark - Part 1 (7:23)
Piano, Acoustic Guitar, Mandolin Harp, Soprano Saxophone, Acoustic Bass, Drums, Synthesizer, Percussion

Companions of the Crimson Coloured Ark - Part 2 (6:51)
Acoustic Guitar, Piano, North Indian Tabla, West African Balafon, Adodo Drum (talking drum), Acoustic Bass, Drums, C-Soprano Saxophone, Ocarina, Percussion

In Praise and Gratitude (8:08)
Mbira Dzavadzimu, Cameroonian Shakers, Acoustic Guitar, Acoustic Bass, Concert Flute, Soprano Saxophone, Piano, North Indian Tabla, Drums, High-string Guitar, Synthesizer, Brazilian Berimbau, Chinese Reed Flute, Percussion

Refresh and Gladden My Spirit (8:36)
Acoustic Guitar, Acoustic Bass, Gankogui Bell, Concert & Alto Flutes, Soprano Saxophone, Piano, High-string Guitar, French Horn, North Indian Tabla, Drums, Synthesizer, Percussion

Tribute (6:19)
Acoustic Guitar, French Horn, Acoustic Bass, Concert & Alto Flutes, Cello, Synthesizer, West African Balafon, Gourd Kalimba, North Indian Tabla, Bolivian Charango, Percussion

Dawning Place (6:26)
Concert Flute, Classical Guitar, Piano, Nyunga Mbira, Synthesizer, Adodo Drum (talking drum), Acoustic Bass, Percussion, Vocals
(Ugandan Baha'i Unity Chant)

All compositions by Randy Armstrong / Ken LaRoche
©1983 Crimson Ark Music, BMI


Recorded in 1983 and released in 1984 on the Vermont based indie label, Philo Records distributed by Rounder Records, this album features Do’a World Music Ensemble as a quintet with co-founders, Randy Armstrong and Ken LaRoche performing John Hunter, Marty Quinn, Charlie Jennison.
Additional musicians include:
David Marlowe, Barbara London and Melissa Brown.

Randy Armstrong - Acoustic and Classical Guitars, West African Balafon, Mandolin Harp, Nyunga & Dzavadzimu Mbira, North Indian Tabla, Bolivian Charango, Adodo Drum (talking drum), Gankogui Bell, High-string Guitar, Brazilian Berimbau, Djembe, Percussion, Vocals

Ken LaRoche - Concert and Alto Flutes, Piano, Synthesizer, C-Soprano Saxophone, Nyunga and Dzavadzimu Mibira, Ocarina, Chinese reed Flute, Percussion, Vocals

Marty Quinn - North Indian Tabla, Drums, Percussion, Vocals

John Hunter - Acoustic Bass

Charlie Jennison - Soprano Saxophone

David Marlowe - French Horn

Melissa Brown - Cello

Barbara London - Vocals

Recorded at Resolution Studios, North Ferrisburg, Vermont
during the months of August - December, 1983
Engineered by Michael Couture

Illustration by William Giese, Freefall Studio
Graphic Design for the Remastered Album by Jan Marvel and Michelle Vaughn
Photography by Sandy Agrafiotis
Instrument Layout by Wendy Starkweather LaRoche
Produced by Randy Armstrong & Ken LaRoche
Executive Producer: William Schubart
Library of Congress Number: 85-750023

24-Bit Mastering from the Original Recordings at:
M-WORKS, Cambridge Massachusetts
Mastering Engineer: Matthew Azevedo, October 2007

Classical Guitar by Guillermo del Pilar, Brooklyn, New York
Acoustic Guitar by Michael Jacobson-Hardy, Northampton, Massachusetts
Nyunga Mbira by Dennis Capodestria, Ashland, New Hampshire

Do'a - Randy Armstrong and Ken LaRoche - Companions of the Crimson Coloured Ark

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