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Bobo & Kipi - Season 2

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RELEASED: March 1st 2015
PRODUCTION COMPANY: Magic Tree Productions / Westwind Pictures
TOTAL LENGTH: 02:50:13
FORMAT: DVD & Download
GENRE: Children, Virtues, Life Skills

Bobo & Kipi - Season 2 is a marvelous journey for young minds which engages and teaches positive values and life skills in a fun and entertaining way.

This children's TV show that takes place in a magical African village where the audience is invited to take part in every new amazing discovery. Our guides on these fun-filled, action-packed, music-laden adventures are Bobo, the little Bonobo, and Kipi, the Okapi. Every situation becomes an opportunity to discover new ways to approach challenges in daily life! Bobo & Kipi contributes to young viewers' character development by promoting essential qualities necessary for their relationship to family, friends and society. These qualities are presented in lively, funny and entertaining ways. Studies have shown that children learn best when they are having fun and Bobo & Kipi certainly makes learning fun. Bobo & Kipi includes elements that every child and parent will enjoy.

This english version of Bobo and Kipi was produced by Magic Tree Productions and WestWind Pictures

Westwind Pictures - Bobo & Kipi - Season 2

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Episode 1 - Kindness Comes Around (Kindness)
Episode 2 - Dirty Dancing (Cleanliness)
Episode 3 - The Courtesy Car (Courtesy)
Episode 4 - A Song Of Courage (Courage)
Episode 5 - Veggie Power (Nutrition)
Episode 6 - Just Bananas (Justice)
Episode 7 - Tinyo Comes Home! (Compassion)
Episode 8 - Tinyo Takes The Cake (Humility)
Episode 9 - Grumpy Gronyo (Joyfulness)
Episode 10 - Hide And Peek (Obedience)
Episode 11 - Alphabet Zoup (Education)
Episode 12 - Soldiers For Peace (Peacefulness)
Episode 13 - A Turtle Tale (Trustworthiness)

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