Free Baha'i Music for the rest of 2013

Free Baha’i Inspired Music for the Rest of 2013!


We are having another amazing giveaway. From now till the end of 2013 we are giving away a free $50 gift certificate for use on every month! One lucky participant will receive their gift certificate at the beginning of each month.

To enter, simply sign up at the widget below and follow the steps.

The more steps you do, the greater the chances you have to win! (each step adds another entry into the giveaway)

Share your unique link with friends, family and community… and when they click your link and/or enter the giveaway, you receive extra entries for yourself! Yep.. we love sharing… and now sharing can benefit you too.

And once you enter, your name stays in the giveaway till the end of the year.. so your chance to win doesn’t go away!

The drawing will take place on the 1st of each month. Our first drawing will take place on August 1st 2013 and our last drawing will take place on January 1st 2014.

August 1st 2013: Tim Way.. Congratulations!
September 1st 2013: Linda Dupuis-Rosen… félicitations!
October 1st 2013: Cynthia Norris-Dorren… pongezi!
November 1st 2013: Melissa Tippie… masel tov!
December 1st 2013: Jane Boies… selamat!
January 1st 2014: Rick Parrish… tibi gratulamur!

20 thoughts on “Free Baha’i Inspired Music for the Rest of 2013!

  1. Lisa Henke

    9Star – you have made finding, listening to, and buying Baha’i-inspired media fun, easy, and exciting. I love knowing that the creators are reaping all possible rewards from their work. I’ve been buying Baha’i-inspired music since the 1960s and want it all!! but budget-wise… Thank you for this give-away; even if I don’t win I know I will win by the growth of positive, beneficial media.

  2. Skip Quinn Ebert

    I enjoy planning devotional meetings, Feasts, and Holy Day observances and music is such an important part of these meetings. I'm always looking for new music that reflects the teachings and inspires and uplifts!

  3. Rick Parrish

    9 Star is a great resource. I have a lot of Bahá'í recordings and those I've purchased here are some of the highest quality.

  4. Rick Parrish

    9 Star has changed the Bahá’í music scene significantly in a very short time and has the potential to change a lot of lives. Thanks for doing what you do.

  5. Kp Khoo

    Inspirational music creates a mindful atmosphere for devotionals with our friends from the wider community. So it's a heavenly & timely gift, indeed!

  6. Ladjamaya Green

    Life just keeps getting better and better with so many creative efforts. Thanks, Anne and Tim. is great! Be sure to take a look for "the best in Baha'i inspired media."


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