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The Style Is To Be Changed

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RELEASED: May 16th 2013
LABEL: Cozy Lounge Records
TOTAL LENGTH: 00:48:42
FORMAT: 320 kbps MP3
CATEGORIES: Inspired Music
GENRE: Electronic, World/International, R&B/Soul

Out of the abundance of diverse cultures, colorful ethnic backgrounds, manifold artistic talents, a variety of musical styles and a spirit of humor and playful creativity, this unique album was crystallized. Enjoy and let your heart and soul vibrate with the beats of our music.

Rahá Poostchi (Austria) - Vocals, Keyboards, Piano, Ac Guitar, E Guitar, Synth Bass, Percussion, Drum Programming, Additional Programming
Robert Janoska (Austria) - Percussion, Additional Programming
Pooya Poostchi (Austria) - Vocals
Gloria Golmohammadi (Sweden) - Vocals
Yasmin Farhoumand (Switzerland) - Vocals
Tobi Akinbiyi (Nigeria) - Vocals (Rap)
Steve Paschal (Hawaii) - Vocals (spoken)
Sima Adel (Australia) - Vocals
Omid Gollmer (Germany) - Vocals, Ac Guitar, E Guitar
Adel Reyhani (Austria) - Vocals, Violin, E Violin
Marcel Kropp (Austria) - E Guitar
Thomas Fischer (Austria) - Bass
Jonas Bruckmann (Germany) - Ac Guitar
Riccardo Lorefice (Italy) - Bass, E Guitar
Maria Janoska (Austria) - Violin
Dieter Sailer (Austria) - E Guitar, Bass

Composed by Rahá Poostchi except
Track 2 by unknown
Track 3 by Bijan Khadem-Missagh
Track 4, 5 & 10 by Rahá Poostchi, Adel Reyhani and Omid Gollmer

Lyrics from the Holy Writings of the Bahá'í Faith ( except
Verse of Track 4 by Vincent Afnan-Murray
Track 6 by Tobi Akinbiyi and Rahá Poostchi
Track 8 by Yasmin Farhoumand
Track 9 from the Holy Bible
Parts of Track 11 by Tobi Akinbiyi and Rahá Poostchi

Produced & Arranged by Rahá Poostchi
Co-Produced by Robert Janoska & Dieter Sailer

Recorded at Cozy Lounge Records by Rahá Poostchi & Robert Janoska
Additional recording by Dieter Sailer at klangspur
Mixed and Mastered by Dieter Sailer at klangspur (

BASS Adjustment logo by Marina Penz
Artwork by Martin Bangratz

©2013 Cozy Lounge Records, All Rights Reserved.

Bass Adjustment - The Style Is To Be Changed

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