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The Concept

The Badasht Project was conceived as a response to the Bahá'í Writings regarding the true purpose and station of the arts. Combining the talents and experience of artists, producers, scholars and entrepreneurs, the Project aims to bring to bear the full power of the arts towards the fostering of a more dynamic, spiritual and vibrant community. This is accomplished by consulting with diverse individuals and institutions, learning and teaching 'in the field,' creating artistic products of the highest possible caliber and developing tools that can be utilized at the grassroots. Spearheaded by musicians JB Eckl and Eric Dozier, the Badasht Project is expanding into a collective benefiting from many voices and perspectives.

The Music

The first musical collaboration under the Badasht name was the devotional CD 'Badasht Vol. 1 - While The City Sleeps,' released in 2007, which has become a mainstay in Bahá'í activities around the world. The Project's recently released 2nd CD, 'Badasht Vol. 2: Raise Me Up,' features an ever-growing circle of talented collaborators and a new selection of songs created with one specific aim: to encourage the use of singing and music as part of the fabric of our spiritual lives, as individuals and as a community. 2013 will see the release of a third Badasht CD, focusing on the talents and and spirit of young artists.

Why 'Badasht?'

The conference of Badasht, held in Persia in 1848, was an important turning point in Bahá'í history. The early believers were challenged to detach from the prevailing norms, prejudices and identities of their place and time, and begin to truly see themselves as the embodiments of a fresh Revelation - what Bahá'u'lláh would later call 'a new race of men.' This spirit was exemplified by the courageous behavior of the poetess Tahiríh, who appeared unveiled before the gathering and announced, 'I am the blast of the trumpet, the call of the bugle, like Gabriel I will awaken sleeping souls... I am the Word which the Qá'im is to utter, the Word which shall put to flight the chiefs and nobles of the earth!' Inspired by their heroism and sacrifice, the Project hopes by its namesake to spread the spirit of Badasht in our own time.

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