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A Divine Collaboration

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RELEASED: August 13th 2013
TOTAL LENGTH: 00:35:39
FORMAT: 320 kbps MP3
CATEGORIES: Devotional Music
GENRE: Devotional, Pop, Singer / Songwriter, Spiritual

These songs are all taken directly from the Bahá'í writings; prayers and holy text that we were inspired to collaboratively set to music. These words move us as they did our grandparents who first heard them in the shifting culture of a 1960's Southern California. Through the noise of this turbulent era and the glamour of their Hollywood lives, they were keen enough of vision to be able to recognize the animating force

latent within passages such as these. They went on to repurpose their lives to reflect the ideals they found there such as the harmony of science & religion, the inherent nobility of the human spirit, the sacredness of work and service, the unity of religions, the equality of women and men, all races and creeds, and the real and ultimate unity of mankind. We are their descendants and we ride on the shoulders of their discovery... with eternal gratitude.

Executive Producers: David Wood and Tammy Randall Wood
Produced, Arranged and Mixed by Gia Sky
Mastered by Chris Athens at Chris Athens Masters in Austin, Texas
Recorded at Hold Serve Studios and Gia Sky Productions in Los Angeles, CA.
Lyrics for all tracks are direct quotations from the Bahá'í Writings.

The Descendants - A Divine Collaboration

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