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Rowshan means light and is the maiden family name of Cousins Payam Beint and Na'im Cortazzi from England. They grew up as close as brothers and surrounded by the love and music of their Baha'i families.

Payam and Na'im perform all instruments and vocals as well as recording and producing Rowshan alone at Make It Nice Studios throughout the long spring nights of 2005.

Na'im: "When we were younger we found that singing Baha'i prayers and meditations helped us to memorize them".

Payam: "Over the years we had played together in various bands but from the outset this was a challenging and deeply personal project. Our intention was to create a recording that taps into the spirit and atmosphere of the Baha'i prayers and readings. We also wanted to create a unique sound incorporating our own musical influences and style of playing.

Na'im: "Very, quickly our Baha'i friends starting playing Rowshan tracks in devotionals and Feasts, and people kept asking who it was and where they could get it… we realised that people were crying out for new Baha'i music"

Payam: "We were given a loan and produced 500 copies of Rowshan albums, taking some time off work we played around the country at devotional meetings as well as summer schools… just me, Payam and two guitars. By the end of the summer we had none left!, people from around the world started getting in touch from Thailand, Canada, Spain, Russia, China, Chile and Australia all saying they had heard Rowshan and wanted copies!

The Baha'i communities in Gibraltar, Cyprus and Greece asked us to come and perform for them; we were so touched and honoured".

Na'im: "Something about this album has really struck a chord with people, personally we both feel quite removed from it now, it doesn't feel like our work because the words of Baha'u'llah transcend us both".

Payam lives with his wife in Oxford and is a secondary school art and design teacher. His paintings are highly sought after around the world. His work can be seen at

Na'im runs an indie music label called Make it Nice Records in Leicester. He works with some world famous bands and artists including The Happy Mondays, The Fun Lovin' Criminals and celebrated Baha'i musician Merz (Conrad Lambert). He also writes and performs in Uncle Frank and is the voice of the heartfelt Fatal Star.

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