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Nima's debut album "Promised Land" out now. A singer/songwriter via Boston/Philly/DC his influences range from D'angelo, Stevie Wonder, Prince, Jeff Buckley, Black Thought, and Rachael Price. He characterizes his own music as a combination of Soul, Rhythm & Blues, and Rock "with some love and funk to it."

Musician/Producer/Songwriter Henri Cross writes:

'Promised Land' Nima's new music is here!

It is a compilation of modern-day urban 'tone poems' featuring Nima's amazing and soulful voice, and studio musicians. This is a very personal expression of love from the bottom of his heart, and Nima has bared his soul for us in this work!

I can hear some influence of Prince, the soul of early 70s R & B, with the vibe of a Spike Lee movie soundtrack for 2017... as if it was recorded in Al Green's basement!

I must admit that when I first got this music I was somewhat shocked by the raw freestyle of his vocals, over otherwise, very well-structured tracks... 'wait, what's going on here?' But, since I have learned that sometimes the best music has had this same effect on me, like when I first heard John Coltrane and Archie Shepp at Newport, or Gil Scott Heron, I kept my mind and ears open!

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