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Robert Bassett

Robert Bassett
Robert Bassett is a singer/songwriter and guitarist who produces a unique style of music with his son Brendon Bassett- a key player who helps fine tune Robert's original compositions and contributes background vocals, guitar and musical arrangements. Robert was the lead singer of one of New England's most popular and award winning bands in the 1960's: The Dearly Beloved. Later he formed an R&B group called the Illusions. These groups played on the same stages as Tommy Dorsie and Smoky Robinson, and served as house bands at venues where Mitch Ryder and the Four Seasons performed.

Robert and his son Brendon have been playing their own original music for over 19 years while continuing to share a love for classic soul and Motown, and enjoying their exploration of newer artists. This intergenerational fusion has resulted in the creation of a distinctive sound that is at once familiar and fresh. They have recorded two albums and perform regularly all over the Northwest. "Sunshine Through the Rain" is an album focusing on the Three Central Figures of the Bahá'í Faith. A great resource for Children's Classes, Feasts, Firesides, Interfaith gatherings and celebrating Holy Days!

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When my first granddaughter was born, I wanted her to call me grandfather. Her first attempts to say it came out as Hadah. It worked so Hadah it remained. One day I researched our proposed spelling of the name and found it means "one who opens his arms to God". Now all my family members and friends call me Hadah and so Hadah Productions for my music and art was born.

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